Quality Documents

Our aim as Form Koruyu Ambalaj Ltd;

In the decisions and strategies taken in line with our vision, we aim to be the preferred organization and to meet the satisfaction of our customers by exceeding the satisfaction of our customers without compromising its quality with its environmentally sensitive and recyclable products, delivery performance and approach to customers, which are produced in international standards by using developing and up-to-date technologies.

Our basic principles while achieving this goal;

  •  To meet customer needs and expectations at the highest level in terms of quality, price, delivery, new products and service and to provide quality and efficient service in a way that is worthy of the reputation of our customers,
  •  To increase the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete at the international level with the continuous improvement approach of the product, process and quality management system,
  •  To focus on the sustainability of our products and services in line with ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements, customer expectations and legal requirements,
  •  Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, providing trainings to increase technical and behavioral competencies, and ensuring that the work is done by our employees on time and right the first time,
  •  To support our customers to be a pioneer in the sector by reducing their costs, contributing to their revenues and image,
  •  To create a sense of sharing, solidarity, cooperation awareness and trust with customers, company employees and suppliers,
  •  To review our business processes and identify corrective and preventive approaches to improve our performance based on a risk-based process approach,
  •  To produce the most appropriate, most accurate and most economical solutions in the fastest way and to prevent any nonconformities that may arise later,
  •  To increase employee satisfaction and motivation,
  •  To solve our problems in accordance with scientific techniques, with team spirit and teamwork and to ensure the continuity of quality by continuously improving our processes,
    We are committed to Form Protective Packaging Ltd.

Being a reliable brand in Turkey and abroad with all its employees, being known with environmentally friendly and recyclable quality products constitute the essence of our quality policy.